10 Reasons Not to Date a Tech Investor

  1. They will always be looking for the next hot thing.
  2. They won’t make a move until one of their friends tells them that they should.
  3. They don’t abide by the 3 day rule for getting back to you.
  4. If you aren’t meeting their standards, they will try to sell you off to one of their friends who is looking for someone with “just your set of skills.”
  5. They expect monthly state-of-the relationship updates.
  6. They expect you to pay for them when you go out for dinner.
  7. You’ll never really know why they dumped you, just that you’re not their type.
  8. They won’t ever admit to regretting dumping you, even though they do.
  9. After they dump you, they will come back to you trying to date you, just because one of their friends likes you now.
  10. If you ask them to pay for dinner, they will instead give you advice on how to pay for dinner yourself.

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