Microchips to be implanted in dialysis patients

Healthcare IT News - August 16, 2007
Molly Merrill

From healthcareitnews.com

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The Independent Dialysis Foundation (IDF), a not-for-profit organization affiliated with the University of Maryland, says it will partner with the VeriChip Corp. , a provider of RFID systems, to examine the use of implantable RFID microchips in dialysis patients.

“Through our partnership with Independent Dialysis Foundation, dialysis patients can receive the VeriMed implantable microchip and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their medical history will be available in an emergency – regardless of their ability to communicate,” said VeriChip CEO Scott R. Silverman. “We believe patients receiving dialysis, who tend to present with various co-morbidities and medications, and are more frequently admitted to emergency departments, are an important audience to benefit from the VeriMed Patient Identification System.

IDF is Maryland’s largest independent dialysis center operator. It operates six freestanding facilities, one in a nursing home (Lion’s Manor Center), two certified hospital facilities (Deaton Center and University at MD Hospital) and inpatient services in five hospitals.

“IDF has always embraced the latest technology as a means to provide our patients the best possible care,” said John Sadler, MD, CEO and founder of the foundation. “Improving access to dialysis patients’ medical information by healthcare providers at critical times, such as in emergency rooms, through devices such as VeriMed, has the potential to make a significant impact.”

Five hundred of IDF’s patients and their families will be provided with access to the microchip for one year. At the end of this time, the microchip will be assessed by patients according to acceptance rates, rate of complications, patient interviews and the utility of the information it provided at various points of care.