Interesting times

Its starts with a great blog post by Charles Stross telling us that we experience the aftermath of an alien invasion since we are now living in a global state that has been structured for the benefit of non-human entities with non-human goals: Corporations. Remember this comics by Wiley Miller I recently titled Reality principle explained.

A slightly humorous answer came by nobody less than Paul Krugman, musing that Stross, a science-fiction author, seems "stuck in the past". According to Krugman, if the 60′s were corporations’ years, it is now individualist era.

"These days, we’re living in the world of the imperial, very self-interested individual; the man in the gray flannel suit has been replaced by the man in the very expensive Armani suit."

Ok, we know this story already: the sociology of baby boomer opposed to generation X and head-tailed by generation Y!

Now let’s mix Stross and Krugman and imagine a text by Dr Strosman that would depict huge and careless corporations led by young individualists who just want to have fun.

Well… it sounds too familiar not to start being somewhat scary!

PS: Le texte de Stross a été traduit en français par Jacques le Bris.

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