Innovation is Chemistry

In the world most of my clients live in, size is not an issue, innovation is an issue.

The companies that can innovate faster than the other guys win, the ones that can’t, lose. And that’s the pretty much how it works, big or small.

As a result, there are many execs in our world, currently losing a lot of sleep over how to innovate more-better-faster.


The thing about innovation is, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum, nor can you just order it like a sandwich in a diner.

Forget "The Lone Genius" model. Like great conversation, innovation is something that happens IN THE SPACES BETWEEN PEOPLE – i.e. it’s a cultural issue.

And like everything else cultural, it’s not a physics equation, it’s a chemical equation.

Innovation happens because of the cultural chemistry. And no top-down, sternly-worded corporate memo, however lucid, is ever going to change that.

So if you want to raise your innovation batting average, that’s great, but to do that your culture, your company chemistry, is going to have to change first, not the other way around.

Image and text by @gapingvoid

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