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The Solution Steps

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Sketchnote graphic by @woodard_julie.


Sunday, September 27th, 2020

We need transformational ideas AND transformational follow up

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

Yet another pearl from Helen Bevan (@helenbevan).

Transactional follow up

Is focused on delivering an action plan, achieving a certain set of steps to move towards some outcome. It is surface level.

Transformational follow up

Is focused on the whole, the individuals, the team, the system. It goes below the surface. It helps a team or system create an awareness of the factors contributing to the achievement of their challenge or goal. Often these contributing factors stem from limiting beliefs, assumptions and values formed from past experiences.

Source: Based on work by Toby Sinclair (@TobySinclair_).

Diana Rigg

Thursday, September 10th, 2020